We are a boutique law firm providing highly specialized legal services in selected commercial law practice areas.

Extensive experience with complex cases

Viggers Eriksen is established by the attorneys Jonatan Doost Viggers and Søren Overgaard Eriksen. For several years, we have worked at two of Denmark’s largest law firms, where we have acquired extensive experience in handling complex matters. We are able of providing value-adding advice and solving everything from small, simple cases to larger, complex cases with a commercial mindset.

Our practice areas


Transactions are our passion and the core of our business. We deliver results for our clients based on our solid experience in negotiating and executing transactions.

Company law

We advise on all aspect of company law, including capital structure, restructuring and shareholder matters.

Real Estate

We advise on a wide range of real estate matters, including the purchase and sale of real estate, project development and rental law.

Commercial contracts

We have extensive experience in advising on various commercial contracts, such as supplier, distribution, agency and cooperation agreements, and in particular we advise on drafting and negotiation of such agreements.

Competition law

With in-depth knowledge of Danish and European competition law, we advise on all aspects of competition law.

German Desk

We have extensive experience in advising on legal matters related to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also write and speak German fluently.

In depth with your business


We advise real estate companies on the legal aspects of transactions, project development and asset management. We have a deep understanding of the industry as well as knowledge of the various operators and their interests.


Our knowledge of industrial and commercial enterprises and their legal challenges is based on years of experience, and we advise industrial and commercial enterprises on conclusion of contracts, such as supplier, distribution and agency agreements, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent and cooperation agreements.


We have extensive experience in executing transactions and investments in the Private Equity segment and Family Offices, including acquisitions, minority share purchases and exits.

Our values


We take responsibility for the trust our clients place in us. We are always conscious of providing value-adding advice and being at the forefront of the cases we solve.


We keep our promises and do what we say. Propriety and quality are the foundation of our advice.


With highly specialized knowledge and a commercial insight, we seek to find the best and most efficient solution for our clients.